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LEED Specialist:

       A LEED Specialist is a certified and trained professional who can provide third-party verification that a building was designed and built using  metrics established by the USGBC as the very best possible in environmentally sensitive  building techniques.   Particular weight is also given to the economic realities of each project as well.
The techniques used are aimed at improving performance across the ecologically sensitive matrix that matter the most to us all: Energy savings, Water efficiency, Reductions in CO2 emissions, Improvements in indoor environmental quality, as well as excellent stewardship of resources and mitigations of their impacts on our Planet.

A  LEED AP certified professional  can help architects, contractors and building  owners/ managers better understand the USGBC’s Energy/Environmental framework to then identify and implement measurable (AND PRACTICAL) green building operations and maintenance issues.

These skills can greatly reduce a buildings energy requirements ( and therefore operations cost ) as well as significantly reduce its negative impact to our environment.





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